Whole Free Range Pig (deposit)


DEPOSIT ONLY (balance paid after processing)

When you buy a whole pig from us we take care of all the logistics for you. All you need to do is tell us (or the butcher) how you would like your pork cut up. Your pork is then bagged and boxed ready for you to collect and fill your freezer!

We can send our whole pigs as far north as Rockhampton, south to Brisbane and anywhere in between.


$13.50 per kilo hanging weight

This is flat rate per kilo to process, transport and butcher a whole pig into fresh and cured** pork cuts.

A whole pig will usually weigh around 55-60kg hanging weight (+/- 8kg), with a final cost of approx $740-780.

*Hanging weight is the whole carcase, including the head, prior to butchering. **Butchers that can cure onsite are indicated below.


  1. Select the date
  2. Select your location, or enquire about other butchers if your location is not listed below
  3. Choose your cuts, or opt to speak with the butcher
  4. Pay the $200 deposit to reserve your pig
  5. As soon as your pig has been processed, we’ll let you know the hanging weight and the balance owing
  6. You collect your pig (please allow a few more days if you are requesting cured cuts)

NB: The final balance of your whole pig must be paid prior to pick up from the butcher.


Not all butchers have the facilities to cure your cuts. If your preferred butcher is able to cure on site, the cuts will be displayed within the list once your butcher is selected.

Read more of the finer details about ordering a whole pig here



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