About Our Free Range Farm

Taking the 'Green Change' to the Extreme

We were both raised in small country towns. Living in the city was something we did because we felt we had to for our careers. We’ve lived and travelled overseas, for both work and play, but nothing compares to living right in the heart of the beautiful Australian bush.

​​We’ve only been on our farm for a short time, but we’ve already learnt so much and we know there’s so much more to learn along the way. Thankfully, we have some amazing people in our surrounding area that are more than willing to help us out. Everyone is eager to pass on their knowledge and skills… as long as there’s a cuppa and cake on offer, of course!

​​Here at Yanjala Farm, we will eventually be running free range pigs, goats, cattle and chickens across our beautiful 316 acre property. All of our livestock will be pasture-raised. Not cooped up in pens or cages, but in large paddocks that allow our animals to do what they love to do… run, forage, scratch, wallow, graze… basically anything that comes naturally with living outdoors.

We don’t believe in weird genetics, chemicals or growth hormones…. all of our animals are given the freedom to grow in the most natural way possible… the slow way.

The Australian Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Pigs states that “pigs must be cared for by personnel who are skilled in pig husbandry and are suitably qualified to maintain the health and welfare of animals in accordance with the standards in the Act”. To ensure we meet this welfare model code Selina has a Certificate III in Agriculture (Pork Production) and Scott has completed the Pork Industry Stockperson Skill Set.

​Want to know more about Yanjala Farm? Please feel free to get in touch.

​Scott & Selina

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