The Hidden Power of Pork

The HIDDEN Power of PORK

Sometimes the smallest gift can give someone so much hope... just knowing that they're not forgotten.

Drought Relief

In September 2018, Yanjala Farm gifted over 300kg of pork to more than 30 Queensland farming families that have been enduring the impact of one of the longest droughts in living memory.

Drought is a serious issue for many farmers around Australia. It affects the land, the livestock and the mental health of those farmers that love their land so dearly. We wanted to give something more than just money – we wanted to help them feed their family by putting some good quality meat on their tables.

Our farmers each received a selection of pork cuts, of between 5 and 13 kg, to share with their loved ones.

Natural Disaster Support

The township of Woolooga (and it’s surrounding areas) was nothing but a smouldering black landscape after an unexpected fire tore through the area in late September 2018. With the area already suffering from drought, the fire raged, taking every blade of dry grass and timber fence post in its path.

On hearing the devastating news, Yanjala Farm visited the area, giving the affected families over 250kg of fresh pork.

At the time we didn’t realise that the fire had also taken the power lines down, which meant our small gift not only gave our families hope, but it also enabled them to replenish their meat stocks that were lost during that power outage.

Charity Organisations

We regularly donate pork to Meals on Wheels, in Rockhampton, Gympie and Bundaberg, as well as Compassion 4 Community, Brisbane.

Messages of thanks...

“Meals on Wheels Rockhampton would like to thank you for your very generous donation of the pig, it is greatly appreciated, and we are sure it will be enjoyed by our clients. Thank you for thinking of us.”

Meals on Wheels, Rockhampton

“I would like to thank you for your generosity, thank you really seems so insignificant in comparison to your donation.

Our Not For Profit service is extremely grateful to have been the recipient of such generosity.

Your pig provided absolutely beautiful meat for our kitchen to utilise, thank you so much for the experience – the pork was unbelievably moist and sweet – we have had many comments/compliments.

Thank you once again for your generosity and supporting Gympie Meals on Wheels.”

Meals on Wheels, Gympie

“I just wanted to express my thanks at your kind donations of pork packs for the residents impacted by the Woolooga fires. The fact that I had to throw out the contents of our small deep freezer after loosing power during the fires was certainly softened by receiving your generous gift. Thank you so much.”


“Thank you so much for helping our community. It’s not just the gift that means so much, it’s the fact that people know you’re thinking of them.”

One of our wonderful Woolooga farmers

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