Porky Goodness

Get some PORK on your FORK

Tried and tested pork recipes...

Need some inspiration for that piece of Yanjala pork in the fridge? Why not try one of these delicious recipes from the kitchens of our customers (and our own of course).

The forgotten cuts

It always amazes me that some of these cuts get left on the shelf.

Pork Belly

This versitile fatty cut of pork can be roasted with crispy skin or slow cooked in a stew. Experiment with a salt cure to make pancetta – if you have a smoker make your own streaky bacon!

Pickled Pork

Prepared in the same way as corned beef, this old fashioned cut is tender and full of flavour. Cook it in a slow cooker, pressure cooker or slowly simmer on the stove in a large stockpot. Left overs can be used to make fritters!

Gammon Steak

Gammon is often seen on pub meal menus throughout England. Just lightly fry in a pan and pair with grilled pineapple, chips and fried eggs.

Fresh Hocks (aka knuckles)

A popular cut in Germany, simply slow cook in a basic stock for fork-tender meat that just falls off the bone.

Bacon Bones

Cured and smoked just like bacon – these bones are a wonderful addition to soups or stocks.

Pig Cheek (aka Jowl)

Pig cheeks are fatty, sweet and full of flavour. They can be cooked in the same way as belly. They can be dry cured to make guanciale – traditionally used to make carbonara.

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