1/2 Pig Combo

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Our Everyday Entertainer and Low-n-Slow BBQ combined in one big economical pack!

Approximately 20-24kg* of Fresh Yanjala Pork Cuts

  • Bone in shoulder roast
  • Bone in hand (picnic) roast
  • Cheek (can be cured, slow cooked or used just like belly)
  • Large Rack Roast
  • Chops
  • Bone out spare ribs
  • Bone out belly
  • USA Ribs
  • Bone out rolled leg roasts (2)
  • Bone out 1/2 belly slab
  • Hock

NB: Pack may change, however we will inform you of any modifications.

*Pack weights can vary as we are not producing our pork using intensive methods. Our litters are of varying sizes and we don’t use chemicals to push them along.

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